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Badminton or Volleyball Net + Poles + Racquets + Volleyball

After our highly successful sales of the previous version for this Badminton Volleyball Combination set over the last 8 years, we have taken the opportunity to substantially upgrade the features and specification for this set. We are confident that this will be the highest quality and specification of ALL other competing products on sale in the UK at anything like this price. With two years product sales experience behind us, we have incorporated all the suggestions made by our customers into this product. 

Ideal for therapeutic use, the leisure park, garden, picnics, camping or the beach. Have hours of fun with family or friends. Perfect for all sorts of shuttlecock or ball games. Full size net with double stitched top band, overlocked cord to sides and bottom, 3mm ties and brass eyelets complete this superb specification net. Supporting posts 25mm dia not 19mm or less as competitors products. Quality rackets and four shuttlecocks, volleyball and purpose designed bag complete this high quality combination set




§          NET: Official FULL size badminton net 6.1m (21ft) x 76cm (2-1/2ft). Mesh size 19mm x 19mm x 1.5mm thick PE Burgundy

§          NET: Top headband: 25mm double stitched white cotton tape with two ties of 3mm woven cord

§          NET: Top headband complete with two 10mm brass eyelets for ties

§          NET: Bottom and Sides: Overlock stitched 3mm woven cord with four ties of 3mm woven cord

§          POLES: Eight strong round metal posts of 25mm diameter x 1mm thickness for badminton or volleyball. Height assembled (Badminton 168cm using 6 poles) (Volleyball 224cm using 8 poles)

§          PEGS: Four fixing pegs

§          POLE TIES: Four rope ties for net for poles 3mm dia x 10m twisted cord

§          RACKETS: Four Performance Badminton Rackets with Grommets, Tempered Steel Shafts, Padded Grips and Lantex Strings. 

§          SHUTTLECOCKS: Four nylon medium shuttlecocks with cork base

§          VOLLEYBALL: Official size and weight Volleyball 150gm x 8.5" yellow soft touch vinyl

§          PUMP: 6" Pump and connector for volley ball with plastic connector and metal needle connector

§          INSTRUCTIONS: Assembly Instructions

§          CARRY BAG: Purpose designed (Blue & transparent) bag with soft web handle