Digital Golf Trolley. 35Ah 200w Motor. RRP £399. Free Accessory Pack

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'X'Sports Electric Folding Golf Trolley. 35Ah 200w. RRP £399. Free Accessory Pack

Extremely high 2017 specification innovative Folding Golf Trolley that will surpass all others. This high performance electric golf cart was built to our demanding requirements for style, features and reliability by one of the largest electric trolley manufacturers and is suitable for all golf courses. With a high capacity 35Ah (432w) AGM Sealed Gel Deep Cycle Lead Acid Battery which should be suitable for 36 holes on most courses.


Powerful 200w motor operates in stealth mode giving a superb 8km/h with the ability to handle 30 degrees of incline for this superb specification golf cart. The 'X'Sports golf trolley will comfortably carry every conceivable item you may need round a golf course on all but the most challenging of courses with 7 adjustable speeds and an LED display.   


Stability is provided for with a 535mm wide wheelbase and two 305mm (12”) diameter x 80mm wide high traction rear wheels.


Speed is controlled independently of start/stop button and will maintain the same speed after you restart your trolley. The Cruise Control allows you, with a single push of the button, to stop the trolley to play your shot and on pressing it again the trolley effortlessly accelerates to match your preferred speed, no more fiddling with the speed control.  

The 'X'Sports 2616 is a fully digital computerised trolley with an LED display and automatic distance control (10, 20 and 30 metres). When you press 10m, the trolley will run 10 metres and stop by itself etc. The distance function will display on the LED screen.  

  • Fitted with the most powerful motor of any UK golf trolley. 200w High Power Linux Motor. (Not 160w or 180w of inferior models). Motor has a 5 year warrantee.
  • Climbing capacity is a huge 30 degrees of incline
  • Speed is a very respectable 8km/h with an adjustable speed control switch
  • Powerful and high capacity AGM sealed gel 12v 35a lead acid battery which should be suitable for at least 36 holes and is maintenance free. Don’t settle for smaller batteries as they will not last for 1-2 rounds of golf
  • NEW this year a 5 amp battery charger for a quicker charge (Competitors are only supplying a 2 or 3 amp)
  • NEW Battery lead and charger fitted with a robust 3 pin metal connector and a screwed lock nut (Replacing the less secure torberry connector)
  • Low battery voltage LED indicator lights and a charge time of 4-6 hours
  • Folds compact with a propriety quick release folding mechanism for easy transport and storage
  • Front wheel adjustment for straight line travel and also a free wheel function
  • Detachable quick release, easy clean wheels for compact storage
  • Carrying capacity is 40kg enough for the heaviest set of golf clubs
  • Ready for use dimensions: 117cm x 114cm x 70cm
  • Folded dimensions: 89cm x 50cm x 24cm 
  • Super lightweight aluminium frame gives a net weight without battery of only 9.5kg (With battery 20kg)
  • New 'D' handle design for added functionality and practicality
  • Velcro top bag support
  • Manufacturer has been producing electric trolleys for the last twenty years with three production lines. They have their own in-house design team and every trolley is 100% quality tested before shipment
  • Integral circuit overload and automatic reset built into the trolley controller
  • Failsafe system to protect the motor from excessive load
  • Golf bag straps fit every size of bag
  • Wheels 305mm diameter x 80mm wide   

 Free accessory pack worth £95.00 (Limited stock) consisting of:

  • Waterproof rain cover for golf bag, clubs and trolley.
  • Smart auto cut-off 12v 5a Battery charger + spanner and screwdriver (Battery cannot be overcharged)
  • Umbrella holder with universal accessory station
  • Scorecard, tees, golf balls holder 
  • Cup holder or ball net
  • Waterproof battery bag with carry handles
  • Waterproof cover and carry bag for your folded trolley