Sports and Fitness Products

Sports and Fitness Products

Exercise bikes, Blood pressure monitors, Fitness timers, Trampolines, Fitness Mats, Weight lifting Belts

40 inch Safety Fitness Trampoline fitted with Secure Handrail

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Mini 40" Trampoline with Secure Handrail

Our exclusive 'X'Sports mini trampoline re-bounder for those unsteady on their feet but still wish to use a trampoline for exercise. Support rail fitted securely to the base of the trampoline allows the young or infirm, people who are unsteady on their balance or simply nervous to use this mini 40 inch trampoline for regular and sustained exercise with complete peace of mind for all concerned. Certificated to EN71 which covers mechanical properties, flammability and foreign element migration (6 page copy available).

The 'X'Sports re-bounder will tone and strengthen your entire body in less time than most other activities. The quality of construction surpasses all others at anything like this price. The materials used are the finest available with the spring mat capable of holding up to 100 kgs even with continuous exercise. Suitable for use in commercial gyms and fitness classes as well as in the home. Six heavy duty legs and a quality spring and padded spring cover completes the product configuration.

  • 40” Aerobic trampoline x 9” high
  • Fixed support rail with heavily padded handle
  • The trampoline has a durable heavy duty rigid steel frame black powder coated to avoid rust
  • Sturdy black durable polypropylene jumping mat with a high degree of hardness, waterproof and UV-resistant
  • Maximum user weight 100 kg (220 lbs)
  • Integral foam edge protection and a sewn-on thickly padded stretch-band cover for its no-pinch springs which provides cushioning over the springs and frame for user protection
  • Six support legs and large rubber non-slip feet for extra stability.

25mm Gym Mats Martial Arts Boxing Garage Fitness Play Area

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Martial Arts, Boxing, Garage, Play Area, Gym, Leisure Centre, School

These 25mm thick commercial grade interlocking shock absorbing impact floor mats are made from the highest quality dense EVA foam. The hardness rating on these mats is 30-35 degrees (Durometer Shore C). Test certificates here: Shore A  Shore C. Mats meet all CE regulations and have been tested for Compliance with European Standard on Safety to all sections of BS EN71 (Copies available)

Please do not buy this type of product without this certification, hardness levels and reports, particularly for Gym's, Play Zones and Public Areas.

Mats are soft underfoot and yet will still withstand heavy loads or shock absorbing impacts. These non slip floor mats are hard wearing, water resistant and easy to clean. These mats have a dual purpose reversible colour raised pattern in Red/Black or Blue/Black. They are excellent sound absorbers, durable enough to be used outdoors as well as indoors and can be easily laid and re-laid many times.

These mats have many uses, interlinked to any design you choose for a variety of applications such as:

  • Schools and Colleges – providing a safe cushioned effect underfoot to protect joints
  • Children's play areas – indoor or outdoor, use as a soft play area to protect children
  • Camping, boating and recreation - used as a comfortable underlay for tents or under caravan awnings
  • Gyms - Providing a safe cushioned effect underfoot to protect joints and not damaged by heavy gym equipment.
  • Yoga Classes - The finish of these mats negates the need for personal mats as well.
  • Martial Arts, Judo, Boxing Yoga, Pilates - for low impact and anti fatigue protection
  • Nursery - create a warm and safe cushioned area for the little ones
  • Anti-fatigue matting - great for use in workshop and garages to prevent fatigue by absorbing the shock associated with working on concrete
  • Under swings and trampolines - as safety mats
  • Under equipment - to protect your delicate or slippery floors, shake proof and provides good sound insulation
  • Exercises in the home - Used in the workshop, indoors or shed
  • Gardens - Pool areas and family picnics
  • Hobby & Crafts - Provides a comfortable and clean working surface

Product meets all CE regulations and have been tested for Compliance with European Standards:

  • EN71 (2005) +A6 Part 1 Physical & Mechanical
  • EN71 (2005) Part 1 Labelling
  • BS EN71 (2006) +A1 Part 2 Flammability
  • BS EN71 (1995) +A1 +AC1 Part 3 Toxicity
  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • Lead free
  • Latex free

Durometer tested to shore C & 30-35 degrees (Low grade 15 degrees, highest grade 50 degrees)

Each mat is 60cm x 60cm (2ft x 2ft) x 25mm thick with each mat having 2 removable straight edges ensuring that perfect finish.

Size Guide:

1.44 sq metres (15.5 sq ft) - 4 mats

2.88 sq metres (31 sq ft) - 8 mats

4.32 sq metres (47 sq ft) - 12 mats

8.64 sq metres (93 sq ft - 24 mats

12.96 sq metres (140 sq ft) - 36 mats

17.28 sq metres (186 sq ft) - 48 mats

21.60 sq metres (233 sq ft) - 60 mats

30.24 sq metres (326 sq ft) - 84 mats

To calculate the area - take the width x length of the area you want to cover. e.g.: area 6m x 4m = 24 sq m (67 mats). Each mat is 0.36 sq metres

Foldable Exercise Bike Pulse Sensors Recumbent Magnetic 2.5kg Flywheel, Back Rest

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Foldable Exercise Bike Pulse Sensors Recumbent Magnetic 2.5kg Flywhel, Back Rest

Fantastic new design (RRP £169.99) exclusive to Leisure Pursuits, provides a challenging workout with 8 levels of magnetic resistance and a 2.5kg cast iron two way flywheel allowing you to pedal forwards and backwards. The heavier flywheel ensures increased resistance and a smoother ride devoid of any jerky movements associated with lighter flywheels. Complete with a 6 function computer including live pulse readings to monitor your performance.

Fully adjustable padded seat and fully padded backrest offering superb support for the lower back. Side support handles for exercising sitting upright with your back straight and front handles, you choose. Strong steel chip resistant frame with anti slip pedals. Folds for easy storage when not in use. Large easy to see digital display. 


  • 2.5kg Cast iron flywheel with a single cycle action
  • Silent and frictionless magnetic system
  • 8 levels of magnetic resistance
  • Saddle adjustment between 75-86cm (7 positions)
  • 6 Function computer - Speed, Distance, Time, Theoretical Calorie burn, Pulse, Scan.
  • Live pulse reading on the handlebars
  • Saddle and seat are deeply padded and contoured
  • Distance between pedal and lowest seat setting is 70cm 
  • High quality 1.2mm tubular steel frame is finished in coloured epoxy powder coating and chip resistant 
  • Contoured handlebars with padded grips
  • Anti slip pedals, self presenting with adjustable toe straps
  • Dimensions for use: L87cm x W50cm x H116cm
  • Weight 18kgs
  • Dimensions folded: L42cm x W50cm x H134cm. 
  • Computer takes 2 x AA batteries (not supplied)
  • Maximum user weight 100kgs (15.7 Stone) 
  • Exercise bike is certified to EN957 suitable for domestic & home use.
  • Detailed assembly and instruction manual supplied. Further email assistance if required. Cannot be returned once assembled   

This is a superb heavy duty exercise bike for all fitness levels with a smooth and quiet cycle action. Lightweight and portable when not in use and also ideal for use in the workplace

  • Trudi Clark - Got bad back so great support for that. Very comfortable and smooth wheel. Really pleased. Not big and bulky
  • Mrs Claire McCleary - Exactly what I wanted. Easy to put together. A comfortable, quiet bike for watching tv. Very pleased.  

Fitness Trampoline 36 inch Skirt (Spring Cover)

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Fitness Trampoline 36 inch Skirt (Spring Cover)

Replacement 36 inch (91.45cm) cover - ONLY.


Spring Cover Guard ONLY for all mini fitness trampoline rebounders.  


  • Manufactured with foam edge protection and a sewn-on thickly padded stretch-band cover which provides cushioning over the springs and frame for user protection
  • Fully waterproof and easy to clean top surface fabric
  • Designed to last for many years of continuous use


Fitness Trampoline 40 inch Skirt (Spring Cover)

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Fitness Trampoline 40 inch Skirt (Spring Cover)

Replacement 40 inch (101.6cm) cover - ONLY.


Spring Cover Guard ONLY for all mini fitness trampoline rebounders.  


  • Manufactured with foam edge protection and a sewn-on thickly padded stretch-band cover which provides cushioning over the springs and frame for user protection
  • Fully waterproof and easy to clean top surface fabric
  • Designed to last for many years of continuous use

Fitness Interval Training and Circuit Timer Stopwatch

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Workout Interval Training and Circuit Timer Stopwatch

The Leisure Pursuits designed Training Interval Digital Timer and Stopwatch is a compact  easy to use exercise timer. This multi-faceted timer has many versatile functions that make it an essential tool for all types of exercise programmes. We have worked extensively over the last two years with the manufacturer to bring you the best and most highly featured exercise timer in the UK and European marketplace.   

Circuit Training Timer (Countdown Mode)

·             The number of repetitions can be set up to 99 times

·             The time for each repetition can be set up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds

·             You can also set one or two interval times for these repetitions

·             During operation you can pause timings for rest periods

·             Alarm duration time can be set to 1, 2, 5 or 9 seconds

·             Type of alert can be set to low beep, vibrate, vibrate + low beep, vibrate + high beep

·             A unique feature against all other competitors is the ability to backup at any time during the above to repeat the same variables without having to reset everything

·             Automatic power saving switch off after circuit timing complete

·             Easy setup with full instructions provided

·             Spring loaded full width no-slip belt clip

·             Large LCD screen and clear text for easy viewing whilst setting or training

·             Slim design with dimensions W65mm x H54mm x D20mm (With clip 27mm)

·             Water and shock resistant

·             Battery 1 x AAA (1.5v) supplied


Stopwatch Operation (Countup Mode)

·             Operates up to 99 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds

·             It will display hour, minute, second to 1/100 second

·             Zero reset during timing is allowed


 The Leisure Pursuits Exercise Interval Timer is perfect for:

·             Gym

·             Running or Walking

·             Weightlifting  

·             Cardio Rehab

·             Boxing  

·             Martial Arts  

·             Speed Exercises

·             Cycling 

·             Crossfit Training  


And pretty much every exercise routine you can think of: 

Weight Support 4 inch Solid Leather Carbon Fibre Padded Belt

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Weight Lifting 4" Solid Leather Pro Lift Belt Gym Training Carbon Fibre Padded Belt

This Professional 4” solid leather lift belt is ideal for weight lifting, body building or for any general fitness workout where you require additional back support. Made with soft oil tanned leather that gives a luxuriously soft finish and makes it comfortable and durable. The superbly designed belt provides you with that extra reinforcement and reduces the stress placed on your back when weight lifting. This uniquely contoured belt moulds comfortably around your waist. Also used by scaffolders, weak back sufferers and commercial gardeners.  

Our design reduces the issue of the belt riding up on the body. The strong  wide webbing will help tighten the belt over the abdomen and at the lumbar area, Our Leather Weight Lifting Belt adds stability and safety to all your weight lifting routines. If this Leisure Pursuits designed belt does not meet your expectations totally, please return for a full refund 

  • 4” wide excellent quality solid cow hide leather (not split leather construction)
  • Double-prong seamless roller buckle
  • Soft suede lining
  • Double-stitched edges
  • Built-in carbon fibre lumbar padding
  • Double loops to secure belt tab
  • Hand crafted by the largest Pakistan manufacturer (The ultimate source for quality leather)
  • Light yet strong contoured construction for the ultimate in fit and comfort
  • Stitched reinforcement with heavy duty rivets
  • Available in Buff Brown or Black
  • Length measured from buckle to end of belt. 

Upper arm Blood pressure digital hypertension monitor

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Upper arm Blood pressure digital hypertension monitoring

An intelligent blood pressure monitor that inflates the cuff to the correct level for each user. You will never have to make adjustments to select an inflation level, especially convenient for hypertensive users and for people with certain arrhythmia or heart disorders because their blood pressure is much more likely to fluctuate. The large digital display (blood pressure data shows at 8.7 x 16.4mm) and user interface make this model easy to see and use, with the time and date recorded with each use.  The memory allows for 2 users to each save 90 sets of results, with a handy auto power off 60 seconds after the last button used. There is also a handy indicator to inform you of any error or the need for a battery change. Lifecare one of the leading brands in health and wellbeing.  RRP. £69.99  

·        Irregular heart beat sign

·        WHO indicator - four colours and six symbols  (World Health Organisation). So even if you are a person who doesn’t really understand the numbers, the light will display as green if you have a good blood pressure and red if you need to call NHS direct

·        Average value calculated from last three readings

·        Digital LCD with easy to read large display

·        Fully automatic inflation and release give you everything you need for comfortable, quick, accurate blood pressure and heart rate monitoring

·        Memory - 2 users with 90 memory spaces each including time and date stamp to store blood pressure data. To track your health over a period of time

·        Extensive test reports for your perusal and confidence

·        1 Year manufacturers warranty included

·        Cuff size between 22cm – 32cm circumference

·        Portable using 4 x AA batteries (Not supplied)

·        Extensive user manual supplied

Accreditations, approvals and test reports independently approved by many government and medical organisations. This product is:

·        CE Approved (Legal for use in the UK – complies with all relevant UK safety and environmental standards)

·        Traffic light health status indicator approved by WHO (World Health organisation)

·        MDD Compliant – Medical Devices Directive by the Government Department

·        Test report link - 163 pages Medical Electrical Equipment

·        European Norm EN-1060-3 &/or 1060-4) - Approved testing procedure to determine the overall system accuracy

·        Test report link – 8 pages Non-Invasive Sphygmomanometers

·        Test report link - 12 pages Requirements for Electro-Mechanical Blood Pressure Measuring Systems

·        Test report link - 29 pages Collateral Standard Electromagnetic Compatibility

FREE whilst stocks last - Real leather zipped bag suitable for your blood pressure monitor


  • Product size - 138x80x44mm
  • LCD size - 53.5x54mm
  • Unit weight - 325g
  • Cuff size - 22-32cm
  • Memory - 2 users - 90 memory spaces each including time and date
  • Irregular heart beating - Yes
  • WHO indicator - Yes
  • Average values - Calculates last 3 average readings
  • Auto shut off - 1 minute
  • Measurement Method - Oscillometric method
  • Inflation - Automatic by electric pump
  • Deflation - Automatic release valve
  • Pressure detector - Resistance pressure sensor
  • Measurement Range - Pressure 30 to 280 mmHg
  • Pulse - 40-180/minute
  • Accuracy - Pressure ±3mmHg
  • Pulse - ±5% of reading
  • Power - 4 x AA batteries